My project concept aims at resolving the ongoing homelessness crisis within the uk, more specially within my site area, Camden. During the site analysis period, walking around I have immediately noticed the large quantity of homeless individuals sheltering under bridges and walkways. I found a mix audience of male and females, during my investigation I noticed how the homeless females were constantly abused by general public and other homeless men. For this reason, my homeless shelter will be dictated to females only. As females give birth to a new soul daily. My shelter will be called REBIRTH. Meaning, my shelter will be a place of being born again. I intend to heal as many suffering souls as my REBIRTH centre can house. I have also noticed that there are many homeless shelter around my site, all with different set of rules and principles. I do not intend to charge but the visitors will have to engage with mandatory learning and work activities. 

The REBIRTH centre consist of three floors and a roof top garden to promote healthy body and mind. Staring with the basement. This is the beginning stage of healing process. Here’s where the visitors will get processed, health checked and cleaned up. Part of the basement floor will also be maintained for current the Pirate Castle activity of water sports. This wonderful programme will be incorporated to my proposal as a paid work experience for the excelling visitors who are ready to get back into full time employment. The first floor is where the visitors engage with fellow visitors and get a feel for programme to full recovery and learning useful skills which can be translated to full time employment and independency. There will be an IT room for personal development and staff office, along with easy access to rooftop garden. Ground floor is designed to be the sleeping and showering/toilets areas. Small library and dining area will also be located on this floor. Roof is designed for an outdoor garden which can produce vegetables and fruits for healthy daily meals. Gardening will also be a therapeutic tool to build a fragile state of mind back to health mind-set.