Autumn 2020 Projects

Autumn 2020 projects celebrates the achievements of all students across levels 4, 5 and 6. These projects respond to individual design briefs for each specific year group. 

Here our students use design to approach challenges and issues surrounding themes including future spaces, community, equality and re-imagining existing space.

Level 6 - IND606


The Hide Away  

“The year is 2020 AD. Regent’s is entirely vacated by students and staff. Well, not entirely… One small HideAway still holds out inside Tate Library, hidden away from the views of the occasional visitors and the security staff. As the doors to the library finally open again to students and researchers, they discover a beautiful structure nestled in the existing building, a fragment of a far-away place, created within the campus walls.” 


In this design project, the Level 6 students investigated the notion of home and identity by proposing and designing a temporary residence for a student / scholar (or maybe themselves) inside or attached to the Tate Library building on the Regent’s University campus.  


Zeinab Al Nuaimi, Feeling The Space


Sakina Kapadia, Flowing Vista

Siddhi Ghodgaonkar, The Cantabile Wave


Nadim El Majzoub, A Foragers Haven


Rawan Baghlaf, The Sky Hide Away


Emma Perquy Diez, Mimicry


Rawan Baghlaf, The Sky Hide Away

Emma Perquy Diez, Mimicry


Sakina Kapadia, Flowing Vista


Zeinab Al Nuaimi, Feeling The Space

Nadim El Majzoub, A Foragers Haven

Emma Perquy Diez, Mimicry

Siddhi Ghodgaonkar, The Cantabile Wave

Siddhi Ghodgaonkar, The Cantabile Wave


Zeinab Al Nuaimi, Feeling The Space


Henriette Rustad, The Hidden Hide Away


Nadim El Majzoub, A Foragers Haven


Rawan Baghlaf, The Sky Hide Away


Sakina Kapadia, Flowing Vista


Henriette Rustad, The Hidden Hide Away


Henriette Rustad, The Hidden Hide Away

Level 5 - IND507

Design: ReHab ReUse

Design: ReHab ReUse is the first of two design modules in Level 5 on the BA (Hons) Interior Design programme. In this module you will develop your explorations of how to creatively and positively intervene into existing buildings. This is the central activity of the interior designer - to work with what already exists, by adapting and transforming it for a new context and use. The site(s) and brief for the module will vary each year, with an emphasis on exploration of commercial programmes, such as retail, leisure or offices. If appropriate, the brief will be a Live Project.

Christine Binlayo_Perspective_Garden spa
Marie Couturier_Site Analysis.jpg
Christine Binlayo_Collage.jpg
Christine Binlayo_Perspective_Garden spa
Thomas Michal_Site model.jpg
Christine Binlayo_Isometric detail drawi

Christine Binlayo, Perspective, Garden Space

Marie Couturier, Site Analysis

Thomas Michal, Site Model

Christine Binlayo, Collage

Christine Binlayo, Collage

Christine Binlayo, Isometric Detail Drawing

Abdul Aziz Salim Abri_Collage.jpg

Abdul Aziz Salim Abri, Collage

Marie Couturier_Section 02.jpg

Marie Couturier, Section

Thomas Michal_Collage.jpg

Thomas Michal, Collage

Marie Couturier_Perspective_Music room.j

Marie Couturier, Perspective, Music

Marie Couturier_Perspective_Consultation

Marie Couturier, Perspective, Consultation room

Giovanni Bergamo_Perspective_Basement Ba
Thomas Michal_Sketch model.jpg

Thomas Michal, Sketch Model

Giovanni Bergamo, Perspective, Basement Bar

Sopon Kanjana_Perspective.jpg

Sopon Kanjana, Perspective

Giovanni Bergamo_Perspective_Capsule hot
Thomas Michal_sSketch model 02.jpg

Thomas Michal, Sketch Model

Giovanni Bergamo, Perspective, Capsule Hotel

Marie Couturier_Collage.jpg

Marie Couturier, Collage

Giulia Burfeindt_Collage.jpg

Giulia Burfeindt, Collage

Level 4 - IND407

The Immersive Wonderland & A Room for Regent's

The reality of the drastic change in our lives that came the past six months, has made us all re-examine our connection to our home, our immediate environment, our cities and the world around us. The 2 projects level 4 explored in autumn 2020 as part of the Design: Spatial Investigations module, aimed to develop students abilities in the design process from generating ideas, to  site analysis, understanding the user and devising a concept narrative to drive their spatial proposals. Project Outcomes communicate how light, material and colour can impact the experience of people and space, investigating the notion of space at both a macro and micro scale.


Saida Kybartaite, Hybrid visual

Mai Mahgoub

Elizabeth Parkinson, Sketch model

Nathalie Huber, Sketch

Yana-Maria Manoleva, Sketch Model

Nathalie Huber, Visual

Yifan Wang, Visual

Amany Agha, Model 

Bushra Amir, Sketch Model

Maha Saeed Khan, Sketch Model

Saida Kybartaite, Axonometric visual

Nathalie Huber, Orthographic Drawings

Nathalie Huber, Visual

Maha Saeed, Visual

Elizabeth Parkinson, Visual

Mira Siouff, visual

Bushra Amir, Collage

Maha Saeed, Material Board

Mai Mahgoub, Site model