Nature VS Man made

The concept of my project is based on the way that we think about nature and man made or the impression that we have of it. Within the context of interior design, the philosophy of how space is perceived is a way in which designers can manipulate a certain space to achieve a particular feeling or perception from those who are in it. In the case of my project I compare two different perceptions of the creation of today’s world and how they manage to live together in harmony. The creations of nature such as plants, water, air, light, shadow, etc... and the creations of human beings as buildings, bridges, boats, cars, etc...

I would like to present on the site the difference between the created by man and the created by nature. I would like to show how different they can be but how well they come together to create something better than themselves. I would like to incorporate nature into the building, using skylights and incorporating plants from outside to inside. In this way show how nature always manages to have a path between man made. In addition to having more windows for natural light from outside to enter the building.

After visiting the interior of the Pirate Castle and having made the boat tour along the canal, collect all the photos and videos I made. When I started to see the photos and videos I made, I realised that they reflected the differences and similarities between nature and man-made. I created different videos that show man made and nature made.


The first video is viewed from the bottom up, which I made when we passed the ship through several bridges. In it we can see how we happen to see natural to hard structures created by man. The second video made in slow motion of the sensation and sight that gives you the passage through a tunnel, from when you enter it until you leave it.

Thanks to this video I came to the conclusion of six words that perfectly describe the differences between nature and man. Three words describe nature and three other words describe man-made:




Proposal first floor plan drawing 

Proposal basement floor plan drawing (part 1)

Proposal ground floor plan drawing 

Proposal basement floor plan drawing (part 2)

Sections & Elevations

Proposal section A drawing 

Proposal section C drawing 

Proposal section B drawing 

Proposal section F drawing 

1:20 model and material board

Front view of building

Waiting area

Reception area

Material board3.jpg

Reception area

Material board


Front elevation of the building

Section 1.jpg

Proposal section B drawing