Imagine covering the Pirate Castle with a box made of mirrors. Think of all the observations close and far that would be reflected in the different sides of the castle.


I have based my concept on two sides of the castle, the spiritual and calm regents canal vs the more dramatic and crowded Camden town. From my journey through Regents Canal and strolling the streets of Camden, I have observed the calmness and the drama. I therefore want to create an experience of this in the Pirate Castle. Uniting elements of drama with feelings of calmness. 

Yoga room

Calm area

I have decided to create glass extensions in the Pirate Castle, to take advantage of the potential of the space. 


I am introducing three new functions to the castle. For calmness a yoga room, for pleasure a cafe near the river and for creativity and drama a studio / art gallery

Kids room

Crowded area


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