Rehab Reuse - The design project

In Term 1, each of us in year 2 developed a design proposal for the Pirate Castle by adapting to the existing building and introducing a new context and use based on our project concept, while complying with the building regulations and thinking about sustainability in our approach.

We created an improved system of space based on spatial strategies to improve the existing circulation of the building and solve spatial problems. 

The Pirate Castle exhibition - Online experience


We have designed and created an exhibition at the Pirate Castle, to display the work we did in Term 1. Each person started creating models and sketches of the proposal for the exhibition, and then together as a group we combined ideas and designs to arrive at a final decision for the organisation fo exhibition space. 

Together we have developed ideas on how to use the IKEA LERBERG trestles and projector to develop the proposed exhibition design. Everyone in groups has tested design ideas on various scales using models and prototypes to develop the proposed exhibition design, researching construction techniques, and reusing excess materials stored in the workshop.

The use of the following equipment in the exhibition was required: IKEA LERBERG trestles, 2 projectors (Panasonic PT-vz575n), reusing the excess materials stored in the workshop while taking transportation, and cost into account .


Process of making

Our Experience


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"It is a unique experience as we learn and come up with new and  inventive ideas of using online publicity to promote our online exhibition."


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“Thanks to technology everything is possible. Creating an online exhibition seems to me a unique and innovative experience.”


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"We have learned to communicate and work well together as a team, in spite of being apart since we transitioned to online learning and discussions. "


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“Communicating virtually was a challenge we had to face. We went from being all united in a workshop to being each in a country.”


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"Soon I managed to communicate better with my colleagues. Working in 3D is very interesting and I am sure that everyone improved in 3D digital drawings"


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"It is tough yet exciting to create an online exhibition that is communicative, attractive and effective at the same time. "


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"It is an opportunity to be creative and innovative as budding designers, especially in this digital age!"



“I was able to develop my skills in photoshop. We have learned to understand and communicate better as a group. It was difficult but the success was very gratifying.”