My project is named as “Urban Oasis” as it is situated within a site with very less greenery and the idea is to bring within the building what is missing in its surroundings which would make the existing building, The Pirate Castle, a more interesting place to visit.
Upon the site visit, factors, such as, dampness, lack of ventilation and lack of illumination were encountered which makes the place very unwelcoming and dull for both, the children and adults visiting the place for water-sports activities and private events. The main aim is to make pirate castle an attractive place for the visitors and add a new purpose of interacting with nature,

to its existing use for water-sports activities and offices. My design of the new pirate castle would show a contrast of the exterior urban landscape within the interior, which will be lush and green. To do this, I intend to introduce the concept of urban farming/gardening within the castle which would not only make pirate castle visually beautiful, but also help improve the air quality within the space.  As to grow plants within the building, more natural light will be required and that will also help overcome dampness and dullness of the place. Moreover, the urban farming/gardening would become  

the centre of attraction for the visitors as they would be able to witness farming ofvegetables and herbs and also purchase them. Bee-catchers will be working within the castle to catch the bees attracted by the garden flowers and produce honey which can be tasted and purchased by the visitors. The idea is to stimulate all the senses of the visitors, by the beauty and smell of the harvest, the buzzing bees and the delicious tasting honey. This project would give visitors an opportunity to experience nature closely.