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This year’s final Interior Design set out to investigate ideas of impermanence and temporality in the city, exploring transformation, change, flux. Over the course of the year the graduates worked in two different cities, both steeped in history but undergoing constant change: London with its transient populations, passing through, leaving their mark on the city scape. And Margate which has recently become a migratory point for ex-Londonites, settling in and transforming the quiet seaside town into a buzzing artist enclave. In both places old and new, preservation and renewal co-exist. 


For the final design project, the students took a trip to the seaside, travelling to Margate to design a proposal for the reuse of the Woolworth Department store on the High Street, which is now the home of the Margate School of Art. Each student developed their own response to the site, creating individual building programmes which aim to preserve/conserve Margate’s intrinsic qualities whilst invigorating a quickly changing urban environment

Student Name: Hannah Gates

Project Title: The Deep: Diving into Marine Geology

A cave diving training centre and marine geology research facility, inspired by the local Margate Caves. The tank structure meanders throughout the building, expanding out of the façade. It provokes ideas of a flooded building and reflects on the impact of global warming and rising sea levels.


Student Name: Maria Gedike

Project Title: Margate Sky Archive & Observatory

Uncovering the hidden beauty and history of Margate by illuminating the existing in a new “light” through the use of colour & light. The Sky Library & Archive, the Live Sky Portal and the Sky Observatory encourage visitors to appreciate the beauty of the skies, both during the day and at night.

Student Name: Emily Hutchins

Project Title: The Art Foundry

An iron foundry inspired by Margate’s lost Victorian pier. The design, informed by the iron casting process, is organised around two opposing moments: the glowing heat of the furnace versus the cool calm of the vertical concrete wall, which divides the workshops from the front of the building.  

Student Name: Mercy Sossion

Project Title: Store 192 – Print Press Archive 

How can preservation and renewal co-exist in a place undergoing urban transformation? Store 192 aims at rejuvenating a lost industry by creating a Printing Press Archive. Printing concepts of moving typography, typesetting and compositing type in a chase are translated into a design strategy. 



Student Name: Courtney Celine Welham 

Project Title: The Maritime Machine 

Oceanic Research Institute and endurance swimming training facility, inspired by Victorian sea bathing culture. The project reconnects the site back to the ocean, celebrating Margate’s lost pier with a board walk structure. Vertical lab spaces, clad with seaweed infused bio-resin, pierce through the double height space, allowing glimpses of the environmental scientists’ work.