Adding new life to the old

As per finding a pair of shoes on the way from Regent’s Park to Camden made me imagine about the person who left it. Did he do it on purpose or it slipped off? One main reason to remove the shoes could be to explore and experience the Journey of Self Discovery through the senses and experience what is around it. He was able to hear the music played by the street artists, used his hands to feel the leaves and textures around him, his feet were able to feel the path along the canal way, his eyes were able to see the different colours and drawings mainly graffiti and he was able to distinguish between the nature and graffiti textures and colours. Graffiti is able to show the life’s vibrant colours, ready to be devoured by the senses in order to understand the messages and the bold colours used.

As I stepped inside in to the pirate castle I saw there is so much space that can be utilised, for new function to attract people walking along the canal. I would want to connect the outer side of Camden Area with the internal world of the Pirate Castle. One reason for this is that there are too many activities going outside in the-area such as street singing performances, street dancing, and kids activities.