My project is named 'Urban Oasis' as the space is positioned in a site with little greenery. 

My main aim is to make Pirate Castle a more attractive place for visitors, creating a new opportunity to interact with nature and adding to its existing use for water-sports activities & offices. My design of the new Pirate Castle would create a lush, green interior , in contrast to the exterior urban landscape. To do this, I intend to introduce the concept of urban farming/gardening within the castle, not only making Pirate Castle more visually beautiful but

also improving the air quality within the space. More natural light will be required to grow plants within the building which in turn will help overcome existing dampness and eliminate any dullness of the interior spaces. Moreover, the urban farming/gardening would be an added attraction for the visitors as they would be able to witness farming of vegetables & herbs, and also purchase them! Bee- keepers will be working within the Castle to catch the bees attracted by the garden flowers and produce honey which can be tasted and bought by the visitors. 

My concept will stimulate all the senses of the visitors, through the beauty and smell of the harvest, the buzzing bees and the delicious tasting honey. This project would give visitors a fantastic opportunity to experience nature more intimately, without even leaving the London metrolpolis.