The community at the Pirate Castle strives for inclusivity, accessibility, healthy living and promoting life chances through everything they do. Their work is not only centred around the physical well-being of children, but also the mental well-being through the canal-based activities that they offer. In peak summer, there may be as many as 36 children visiting per day. 

My proposal is to introduce an age group at the opposite end of the spectrum, namely, the elderly. Growing up with little to no intergenerational interaction between the youth and the elderly is a sad but true predicament, especially within a city in this day and age. 

My intention is to connect spaces on site dramatically yet cohesively. This will in turn connect people and lead to convergence of the diverse population existing within the fabric of the city, creating a feeling of community and human connection. I strove to create a conscious moment of dialogue between the elderly and the youth, addressing the needs of different generations and people of various backgrounds. 

A sanctuary that encourages interaction between generations and economic backgrounds, thus bridging the existing gaps between the diverse density of people, based on the simple principle of human connection. 

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Prop_street_level_plan .jpg

proposed street level plan

Prop_Canal_level plan.jpg

proposed canal level plan


proposed level one plan

Long section and material palette

section aa'.jpg

proposed section aa'

IMG_3958 2.jpg

Material Palette

Detail model and drawing


detail drawing of staircase void


1:20 model



bookcafe on street level

clubroom on canal level

191230_Therapy_Room .jpg

therapy room on level 1