Calm Vs Excited

My concept is about the contrast between calm space vs chaotic and exciting space. I added a multifunctional room that host calm activities like yoga, Pilates and reading club and that’s because it’s one of the quietest spaces. For the exciting function I added climbing wall in the basement for the kids to have a new activity that is physical dry activity instead of water. The Pirate castle and what’s around it is very BUSY AND CHAOTIC, that’s why it needs a space that can give a tranquillity mood to the people and to itself between all the noisy ness happening around. A quiet space is a need in everyone’s life because it lets you reduce stress and it renews and relaxes the mind for some time. It is beneficial for the Pirate Castle because as it already has kids coming most of the time, parents could also join to do some relaxing activity. Also, it can serve the different types of people visiting, working and living in the area. So shoppers from the busy Camden market, or old couples from the regents park, can come to the calm regents canal into the very quiet centre in the castle. Local residents can also walk to the Pirate castle to enjoy daily different relaxing activity locally, at a very unique building.